Hey Suga, I'm Jaeden

A Southern California based Professional Photographer. I specialize in Weddings, Travel Elopements, Lifestyle portraits, Boudoir, and much more. I'm here to capture those raw and unposed moments shared between you and your loved ones. I'll 100% be your #1 hype girl, the cool aunt, awesome third wheel, biggest support system on your big day, etc. No matter the role I play I am there to capture who YOU really are and all those mushy moments in between. I can't wait to shoot with you and meet you and your gang

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Just a tad bit about me and my gang!

Let's go back to where my love for Photography began. I don't recall the age I picked up my first camera, but I do know it was plastic, pink, and covered in The Little Mermaid stickers. As I grew older so did my passion for capturing all the things I love the most. My goal was to become a famous wild life photographer and travel the world capturing pictures of wild life from all over. I became pregnant with my daughter at a young age so those plans were put on hold

My Biggest Goal As Your Photographer

Is to not only make you feel as comfortable as possible and give you the raddest photos. It's to capture those memories and allow you to be able to relive through them through your photos. I want you to look back on your wedding album and feel like you're there standing at that alter listening to your husbands vows all over again. I want you to stare at your maternity pictures hanging in your babies nursery remembering how it felt to feel their little kicks in your tummy. These are the moments as your Photographer that I live to capture and I promise each photo will tell a story.

Listen, I get it, I'm a total sap but I have no shame in crying over sweet moments. I genuinely live for authenticity and rawness. When you hire me you will get not only a new member to your family, but you will get a Photographer that gets who you and your loved ones really are. I will dance with Grandpa at your wedding, I will treat your kids like they're my own, I'll be your hype girl when you put on lingerie for the first time in years, and most importantly I will be exactly/whoever you need me to be to capture those unforgettable moments. I love nothing more than capturing love, and let me take a minute to share about mine. This is my Husband and man oh man do I just love this man to pieces. You know when you find someone and you just click, it all just "makes sense?" That's how it's been since day one with my honey. Our love is so sweet and he is truly my biggest supporter when it comes to Photography. I can't get enough of this man and I really don't know how I got so lucky. Capturing love, reminds me how much I just adore and love my husband. I aim to capture sweet lil moments like this for you and your person.